domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009



With reference to the medieval torture instrument, the Wheel, Heartfield skillfully adapts the swastika (itself an image accosted and misused by the Nazis) to picture what was happening to the German people under the ‘guidance’ of Adolf Hitler and his cronies. Some might say that this image of suffering is somewhat generous to the German people, portraying them as the victims of Nazism but once Hitler had secured absolute power for himself and with no way of democratically – or governmentally – relieving him of his position (as was the case with Mussolini in Italy) then victims is exactly what they were.

"A Porta"

Seu Eliseu entra eufórico no hall,
o General Mourão
tinha acabado de mandar o Jango para o exílio.
Dona Simone serve o jantar,
Ercília chora escondida

aldir brasil jr

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