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"The Story of Albert Speer, the german nazi and Hitlers architect"

Albert Speer: Sua Luta com a Verdade
Autor: Gitta Sereny

"Retrato de Speer e Eva Braun"
Caminhavam sempre de braços dados indiferentes aos olhares do José Montenegro.
(aldir brasil jr)

After Hitler's suicide, and inn accord with his political testament, Karl Dönitz, the commander of the Navy, was appointed the new Führer.
As most of Germany was occupied by allied forces and Berlin was lost, Dönitz, Speer and a few others where left with only a small area of Germany and some occupied territories to the north over which to rule. Dönitz ordered the end of the destruction of resources in Germany and the remaining occupied territories. He also tried to negotiate a peace treaty but in the end had to surrender unconditionally.

After the war, Speer was the only one of the occused to plead guilty at the Nuremberg trials. His life was spared but he was sentenced to 20 long years in prison. Dönitz who wasn't politically involved until the very end received a 10 years sentence.

During the years of imprisonment, Speer kept in contact with his family and in secrecy started to write his memoirs. In 1966 he was released from Spandau prison.

The great architect and organizer Albert Speer passed away in 1981

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